Welcome to the Shock Trauma / University of Maryland Orders Writing Application.


This online application allows you write orders, neatly typed, by simply pointing and clicking. The orders will appear on a standard Shock Trauma / University of Maryland order sheet that you can then print out. For those occasions when you want an order that isn't pre-written in the application, there is the option of typing in your own order. Furthermore, if you wish to add a condition to a specific order, you can do that, too.

To Use

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a repeating section list. Click on a section to see the orders for that system. For instance, to write an order for an anti-hypertensive, click on "HTN" and the screen will then display the HTN-related medications. Then simply click the checkbox next to the medication(s) you wish to order. When done, click on "Generate Orders". The system will take a second to build your order set, and then it will display in the browser. Then simply click on the printer icon in the left corner just above the order sheet.

Also be sure to check out the FAQ and Hints and Tips pages.