Frequently Asked Questions

I thought all orders have to be written on a barcoded order sheet

The order sheet is barcoded. It is an exact copy of a "regular" order sheet. You can see the barcode on the bottom of every order sheet.

What about antibiotics, don't they have to be on the special antibiotic form?

No, that's actually a myth. If you look carefully at the top of a regular order sheet you will see it says the following:

but the next line says

Supposedly this issue dates back to discussions between the infectious disease department and whoever made these forms. The end result is that the antimicrobial form is not required to order antibiotics.

So can I use this application to write Antineoplastic agents or TPN?


How do I enter an order that isn't on the list?

On the list of order sections on the left of the screen, the last section is "Free Text". Click on that "Free Text", enter your order(s) into the text boxes, and press "Generate Orders". Note that a final order sheet can contain a combination of orders written by pointing and clicking and free text.

How do I get my name and pager # added to the list at the top of the page?

Click on the Add my name link, fill out the form, and press "Submit". Your request will be filled at the earliest possible time, usually within 24 hours.

What if I want a new medication added to the list?

Click on Email the Author and send me your request. Note that you can also request a new medication category in the same way.

I entered the wrong pager # (or id #), or I have a new pager. How can I update the application with my new/correct\ info?

Click on Email the Author and send me your new or corrected info.

Also be sure to check out the Hints and Tips and general Help pages.