Hydrogen peroxide for bladder blood clot evacuation

  1. Hydrogen peroxide 3% in a 1:5 mixture with normal saline
  2. Instill 30-50 mL into the bladder using a Toomey syringe for 30 seconds
  3. Maintain within the bladder for 3-5 minutes
  4. Then pull back on the syringe

After 6-10 cycles clots should be able to be evacuated. Note that the clots may still be there, but will be small blood clot fragments rather than large blood clots that are too large to pass during CBI or be aspirated.

Some patients may not tolerate the symptoms of urinary retention (of the indwelling hydrogen peroxide) for the 3-5 minutes and so the procedure may fail. Alex's note: of course, could provide procedural sedation.




Ming Xu, Lu Jin, Yuxi Shan, Jin Zhu, and Boxin Xue.
"A simple and effective method for bladder blood clot evacuation using hydrogen peroxide"
Journal of International Medical Research 48(5) 1-7 2020

Submitted 12/9/19, published 4/16/20