Product Amount of factor contained
Cryoprecipitate Each bag contains ~100 units of factor
FFP 1 unit/mL (one unit of factor per mL of plasma)
Whole blood 1 unit/mL (one unit of factor per mL of whole blood)


Types of Hemorrhage Examples Desired Factor Level Factor VIII Dose Factor IX Dose
Minor Lacerations
30 50 % 12.5 units/kg 25 units/kg
Moderate Dental Procedures
50 - 75 % 25 units/kg 50 units/kg
Severe CNS
Severe GI
Major Surgery
75 100 % 50 units/kg 100 units/kg

Note: dosing for factor IX is double that of factor VIII.


Desmopressin (DDAVP)

Patients with mild hemophilia A may respond to treatment with desmopressin (DDAVP) at 0.3 mcg/kg IV every 12 hours. The mechanism through which DDAVP works is not entirely understood but likely acts through increasing von Willebrand factor. DDAVP can raise factor VIII activity level (not amount) threefold within one hour of administration.