Use this list BID or more often throughout work shifts

F Feeding
A Analgesia
S Sedation
T Thromboembolic prophylaxis
H Head of bed elevation
U Ulcer prevention
G Glucose control
S Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT) or other ventilator-separating strategy
B Bowel function- evaluation and maintenance of appropriate bowel function
  • Diarrhea bad b/c can lead to electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, hemorrhoidal irritation with resultant anemia, and delirium
  • Constipation bad b/c can lead to pt discomfort, feeding intolerance, and delirium
I Indwelling catheters- remove asap (arterial, venous, urinary, etc.)
D De-escalation of antimicrobial and other pharmacotherapies